14th SKIF Worldchampionship

Győr - Hungary

AUDI Aréna

Győr - Hungary

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      Updates on the site

       09/09/2023 Final results

        03/09/2023 Kancho's speech at the opening ceremony

        26/08/2023 Time schedule for Sunday

        26/08/2023 Draws for Sunday except Men's Team Kumite (corrected link)     

        25/08/2023 Draws for Saturday

        24/08/2023 Online stream

        23/08/2023 Draws for Friday

        20/08/2023 Time schedule for Saturday

        20/08/2023 Time schedule for Friday

        19/08/2023 DAN grading prices

        13/08/2023 The junior category (16-17 years old) will be held on Saturday, not on Friday!

        09/08/2023 Information about the local transfer

        07/08/2023 Updated information about the venue of the Sayonara Party

        07/08/2023 New page about the rules

        05/08/2023 Updated the SKIF Tournament Rules Book

        05/08/2023 Updated information about karate gis and hand protectors

        26/07/2023 You can rent a tatami on Thursday 24th of August in the registration system

        16/07/2023 Information updated about the International Meeting and the upcoming WCH

        30/06/2023 You can download the order form for Hisho Official SKIF Gloves

        30/06/2023 You can download the SKIF Tournament Rules Book

        30/06/2023 The Sayonara party is fully booked. We reached the limit of the venue. 

        27/06/2023 Venue informations

        27/06/2023 Link to Yudansha-Kai seminar registration added

        27/06/2023 Information about karate gis and hand protectors

       16/06/2023 Update of Yudansha-Kai information

       13/06/2023 SKIF Yudansha-Kai Seminar information

        05/06/2023 GHQ decided that we should accept four (4) participants instead of three (3) per category only on this World Championship

        05/06/2023 Removed the Judge ID number from registration site

        02/23/2023 New hotels in the list

        02/02/2023 Finalized categories

        02/02/2023 Add programmes

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